In a previous blog post, we showcased Colour #69, which is a beautiful colour blend.  It combines the depth of red violet and the richness of deep purple.  We wanted to highlight this colour palette with a stitched needlepoint sample that showcases how dynamic this colour combination can be.

We could have easily explored a palette filled with various shades of pinks and purples, but decided to take a slightly different approach.  In this sample, our goal was to create a palette that harmoniously blends colours while offering an unexpected touch of contrast.

What Colours Did We Use For This Violet-Inspired Palette

Our colour selection was thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of balance and cohesiveness. Knowing that purple and yellow are complementary colours, we incorporated Colour #191, a bright blend of yellows, golden tans, and bronze. This blend of warm tones complements the core red violet and purple hues. Additionally, Colour #3, with its mix of pink, orange, and green, was deliberately chosen to emphasize the red-violet tones present in Colour #69.

Our sample measures 2 ½ inches on 18-count mono canvas, BUT you can stitch this any size you wish. Back in 2021 we offered several mini samplers, including patterns, which is one of the samplers. A download PDF for the pattern is available complimentary on the Colour Complements website.  

All these colours are available in the shop. Take a look, and you just may find more while you visit.

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