I have repeatedly mentioned how much I like Temari ball ornaments.

Temari balls make beautiful and unique holiday ornaments. These handcrafted balls originated in Japan as children’s toys but have since evolved into intricate works of art.

The colourful thread designs and beautiful patterns make them perfect for decorating your Christmas tree or home during the holiday season.

You can also use them as festive gifts for friends and family. Whether you prefer traditional holiday colours or a more modern and unique approach, incorporating temari balls into your holiday décor will surely bring beauty and elegance to your celebrations.

I personally like to hang them on the Christmas tree each year. I display a collection in a large glass jar, but I like hanging them on the tree each year. They sparkle with the reflection of the lights.

Several years ago, at one of my seasonal dinner parties, I brought out a basket of Verna’s Temari balls and asked guests to select one to take home as their gift. I had initially thought I’d wrap them in small boxes, BUT everyone has their own favourite colours and designs, SO I decided they could choose their own! They were a HUGE hit. Once everyone had their ball, I explained the history of Temari. Every year I visit my friends’ homes, I see the Temari balls on the tree. They look delightful, and they ALL talk about them each year.

The Temari ball featured this month has a festive feel with these colours. The design is a combination division featuring pine shapes. It is a standard design inspired by Barbara Seuss. While I’m not a massive pink fan, I think it looks beautiful against the black metallic background.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Verna for the many Temari balls she has designed for me over the years! I love them all, Verna AND so do my friends! I think of you each year when I hang them on my tree!

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