needlepoint-stitch-sample Several lovely examples of NEEDLEPOINT today.  I always find that seeing an example of a colour combination stitched up really does highlight the colours and this is no exception.

The pattern above is from “Puzzle Pieces” by Lois Caron.  It is available free from the Caron Collection HERE.  It measures about 2 ¾” on 18 count canvas.  A combination of cotton floss and size 5 perle was used in this sample, one skein of each.  Colour #4 is a soft blend of various values of pale orange and blends well with a variety of colour combinations in stock.  It is shown here combined with Colour #24 which has since been discontinued.  Colour #3, Colour #10 or Colour #40 would be great substitutes.

The second sample below is a combination of Upright Gobelin and Bargello measuring approximately 3” on 18 count canvas.needlepoint-stitch-sample Many thanks to Karen who stitched both of these samples.  Karen is a member of the canvas satellite group of the Embroidery Guild of Victoria.

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