St. Margaret’s Star is a lovely pattern designed by Carole Lake & Michael Boren.  The sample above is a segment of the overall pattern with a variation.  It measures 3 ¼ inches on 18 count canvas.

When I sent off my new colours for samples, I never know how each stitcher will decide to “place” the colours.  Dominique opted to use Colour #69 which is a gorgeous blend of red violet and purples as an accent colour to highlight the central star which I think makes it pop – what do you think?

She then decided to use Colour #68 which is my sunset blend of orange, red violet and purple which was couched in place.  Using Colour #67 (yellow) for the couching really makes the sunset blend stand out. 

The corners in the sample were stitched with colours 66 and 67 – BOLD yellows and oranges.

I really love how all four colours work together in this small sample.

The center of the star was stitched with Rainbow Gallery flair accented with some Kreinik Braid.   

I think it would be fun to stitch the entire pattern with these colours.  Might want to give it a go. You can find the pattern for St. Margaret’s Star on the Stitchplay website. 

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