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Last month we featured purple in our Colour Features Series but this month I’m excited to feature another favourite colour, turquoise and the different variations of this colour! Since it is summer here on the west coast, I thought turquoise would reflect the current season.

When I think of turquoise I think of the beautiful clear colour of the water seen in the Caribbean or the gemstone, turquoise. The name comes from the French word for “Turkish.” There are different variations of turquoise, which makes it a very versatile colour for different projects all year round.

I love to use turquoise in my colour palettes as it quite simply makes me happy. I think of it as a bold colour, one which enhances the colours surrounding it. I used turquoise in my Autumn Kaleidoscope project designed by the talented Lorene Salt.

Colour Complements’ turquoise and turquoise variations

One can never have too much turquoise. While I feature turquoise in various colour combinations in the shop, I have decided to feature three of these here:

Colour #33 is a blend of both blues and turquoise. Colour #46 is a tropical blend of turquoise and lemon-lime and Colour #73 is a more subtle blend of various values of turquoise. This is a great blending colour! As mentioned before, the types of turquoise can vary from shade to shade. You may notice that some shades may have more warmth to them, while others are a bit cooler. This is why it’s so hard not to just have one in my stash!

We will be featuring various samples throughout the month featuring turquoise and specifically the three colours above. I think it will be a bright month!

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