Today, I’m highlighting a beautiful teal colour combination with a very unique colour from my collection as the highlight. I’ve always thought of Colour #56 as a “different” colour combination in my product line. While it is not as popular as other colours, I think it can look beautiful in a project depending on your combined colours. In this case, I incorporated more cool colours to highlight the hints of blue that you can see peeking out.

Colour #56 is a blend of teal, golden brown and yellow. The yellow is muted versus a bold yellow. While it is an unusual blend of colours, it provides many opportunities for a palette. Because there is a bit of warmth and cool tones in the thread, it gives you lots of opportunities to play!

What Colours were created to create this Teal Colour Combination

Today we chose to combine Colour #56 with two other colour combinations. As mentioned, we went for more of a cooler palette, drawing from the hints of teal you see. Colour #14 is what I have often referred to as my ocean blend. My inspiration was the colours seen in the Pacific Northwest ocean. Colour #162 is one I re-introduced about a year ago. It is a soft blend of pale blues and greens.

Here’s a closer look at the threads and colours we utilised to create this teal colour combination:

I encourage you to try and create your own! Be creative and take inspiration from unique blends of colours you see in Colour #56.

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