AUTUMN KALEIDOSCOPE, Colour Complements Embroidery ThreadsAUTUMN KALEIDOSCOPE is a gorgeous pattern designed by Canadian designer, Lorene Salt.  Lorene contacted me several years ago regarding dyeing up a custom colour combination specifically for this project, Colour #10 in my shop.  It will come as no surprise to many of you that as much as I loved the original colours and I do, I knew I wanted to experiment with a completely different palette but really was not sure what colours.  So, along came my summer collection and bingo!  I will admit that the photograph simply does not do the palette justice despite my best attempts.  Think I may have to find someone to take a far better photo of this one!

I chose Colour #45 as my focus colour which is a dark blend of purple, olive green and aquamarine – think peacocks.  I used this colour for all the grid lines and repeated it in the border.  My second colour combination that is repeated in the design is Colour #46 which is a bold tropical blend of turquoise and lemon lime green.  ALL the colours and threads were drawn from my stash – I used Kreinik size 8 braid, Kreinik 1/16” ribbon, very velvet petite, rayons, flosses, Neon Rays, Silk Lame Braid, silk perle, Sparkle Rays, perle cottons, really whatever I could find that either blended or contrasted with Colours 45 & 46.  The result is a very tropical palette and definitely not autumn. AUTUMN KALEIDOSCOPE, Colour Complements threads

This design measures approximately 9 x 9 1/4″ on 18 count canvas.  I opted to paint my canvas a turquoise colour using acrylic paint, not necessary but simply a choice I made.  Lorene describes this pattern “the completed design takes on the look of shards of coloured glass, which one would see while looking through a Kaleidoscope. There are over 50 different stitches including various Jessicas, Amadeus, Sprats Head, Balloon, Waffles, Chilly Hollow. Techniques include Bargello, Diaper patterns and laid fillings.”  I will admit that I found some of the stitches quite challenging due to lack of familiarity.  BUT as always, Lorene provides excellent directions.

I did make a couple of changes, simply because I wanted to and I used very few beads replacing these with threads.  There is no kit available in this palette for sale.  This one I stitched for ME :).  If you would like to create your own Autumn Kaleidoscope using a similar palette, you could start with

Colour #45 size 8 perle – 2 skeins
Colour #46 size 5 perle – 1 skein
Colour #46 size 8 perle – 1 skein

You can find the pattern for Autumn Kaleidoscope exclusively through A Stitching Shop

Thank you to Lorene for another awesome design.  AND she has recently designed SUMMER KALEIDOSCOPE available for teaching purposes only – can hardly wait!  You can read more about Autumn Kaleidoscope on Lorene’s website.

It is our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so I will be taking an extended break returning to regular posting on Friday October 12th.  The shop remains open.

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