Last month I featured blue in my Colour Feature Series but this month I am featuring RED. I think red is fitting given it is February and Valentine’s is this month. I’ll be featuring various samples throughout the month with a focus on red (and some pinks too) so make sure you check back often.

Want To Know More About Our RED Colour Feature?

RED is often seen as the colour of love and passion. It can also have different meanings depending on different cultures. Red is the colour for luck in China and is an auspicious colour for marriage in Indian culture. A red kimono symbolizes happiness and good luck in Japan. 

Many of you will likely be familiar with redwork which is a simple embroidery technique worked in one colour. It can be quite stunning. While I’m not featuring any redwork this month, I will be sharing a cross-stitch sample featuring Colour #134.

Colour Complements Reds

I offer two variations of reds in my product line.

Since Colour #134 is a blend of cherry red, it works well with pinks so great for a Valentine’s Heart OR perhaps a children’s themed canvas.

Colour #187 is one of my most popular colours! It is ideal for any seasonal stitching and works beautifully combined with either Colour #184 (bright greens) or Colour #18 (medium/darker greens). Try adding a bit of metallic in gold or even white – beautiful!

While I have several other colour combinations including red, I opted to feature just the two here.

Join me as we celebrate the colour of love this month. Stay tuned for my new spring collection featuring some PINK on Friday.

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