I must admit, I rarely gravitate to a pastel colour palette. In the past, I’ve always chosen a bolder palette and generally one with a lot of contrast! Of late, I am finding pastel palettes far more appealing, so I have been experimenting with pulling threads. For today’s palette, I started with Colour #70.

Pastel colours bring a touch of charm and whimsy to needlepoint projects, giving them a unique touch. Their soothing and harmonious hues and ability to evoke emotions and create dimension make them a popular choice among needlework enthusiasts.

While pastel colours are known for their softness, they can also add depth and dimension to your needlework projects.

By blending different shades and carefully selecting complementary colours, you can create subtle variations that enhance the visual interest of your design. I encourage you to experiment with pastel colour combinations that allow you to create shadows, highlights, and texture, bringing your needlework to life with a three-dimensional quality.

As most of you likely already know, I always choose a palette by selecting a variegated thread first. This allows me to draw colours from the blend— Colour #70 blends aqua, mint green, coral and yellow. I refer to it as my “sherbet” colour, and in fact, this was my inspiration when I dyed this colour combination.

Today’s pastel colour palette features four colours

Naturally, this palette could be expanded to include solids, metallics and textured threads in various values of aqua, mint green, coral and yellow.

I’ll share a stitched sample featuring this palette soon, so stay tuned.

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