We’re celebrating March by featuring green! If you are Irish then March is all about green celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. 

Naturally, I thought it would be a great idea to feature all of the shades and colours of green for today’s post.

Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, when I think of green, I think of nature. This is especially true where I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the forests are just a stone-throws away and you’re surrounded with green of ALL spectrums!

We see a multitude of greens every day in our surroundings.  It represents growth, renewal and evokes a feeling of abundance. Green helps people feel rested hence “waiting in the green room” prior to going on camera.

Featuring green colours available in the shop

Colour #18 is a gorgeous blend of medium to dark value greens.  It is by far the most popular colour in my product line.  I also offer the same blend in Floche, Colour #3.

Colour #55 is a different blend of light to medium value greens and Colour #184 is a monochromatic blend of various values of spring green.

The best part about these greens is that you can use them in any needlework project. Why not select a new project featuring green!  

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