I introduced my cotton floche to my product line earlier this year.  You can read about it in my cotton floche blog post.

I have added several new colour combinations and have re-stocked previous colours that sold out.

If you are not familiar with floche, it is a very fine non-divisible cotton thread.  It is comprised of fine strands that are softly twisted mercerized cotton with a beautiful soft sheen.  You would stitch with it as it comes off the skein, without separating into individual strands.  While it is comparable in size to one to two strands of floss, it is not to be confused with floss.

Because of the soft twist, the thread has a nice spread when stitching.  This means it covers well and remains smooth.  It is ideal for fine embroidery techniques.

Floche works well for cross stitch, on 18-28 count fabrics.  I love to use it for open work on 18 count canvas.

Especially beautiful for satin stitching, specifically thread painting.  You might like to try it for long and short stitches and stem stitch too!


Offered in 25 meter/27.34 yard skeins.  There are now seventeen different colour combinations available.  Your comments and suggestions for colour combinations are welcome. Please contact me via email.

Mary from NeedlenThread has written in more detail about my floche on her website.  She is currently stitching a monogram using this lovely product.  P.S. – it is one of her favourite threads!

Give floche a try! I think you will love it.

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