Silk Perle is back in stock!

Smooth as silk – I’m sure you have all heard this expression.  Silk embroidery threads are the pièce de ré·sis·tance in my opinion.  My most favourite product to use in embroidery.

There are a variety of types of silk embroidery thread including spun and stranded but I will focus on filament silk.

What is filament silk?

Filament means the silk threads are taken from the longest, highest quality fibers of the silkworm cocoon.  It is not spun but twisted.  Colour Complements silk perle is a 3 ply twisted filament silk.  It has a glorious sheen hopefully apparent in the photos.  I find it strong with a soft “hand” AND it glides through fabric. 

Used in various forms of embroidery techniques, I specifically use it in my crazy quilting and to some extent in my counted canvas (needlepoint).  Especially beautiful in wool applique as well.    

There are a selection of eleven different hand-dyed colour combinations, including one in the sale section.  This one didn’t turn out quite as expected so offered at an excellent savings.

Included in the product photos is a close-up of silk perle used in stitches. You might like to check out Colour Complements on Instagram for more inspiration.

Why not give some silk perle a try!  

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