For those who enjoy needlepoint, you will likely be familiar with the term “embroidery floss”.  Embroidery floss (or cotton floss) is the of needlework.  It stands out not just for its practical utility but also for its potential to transform ordinary projects into works of art.

This loosely twisted cotton thread consists of 6-strands and takes on a new dimension when it undergoes the magical process of hand dyeing, creating a kaleidoscope of vibrant color combinations that add depth and nuance to every stitch. I personally love using hand-dyed embroidery floss combined with solid colours.  It truly adds texture and movement to projects and gives patterns the appearance of a painted versus stitched project. 

How Is Hand-Dyed Embroidery Floss Made

The hand-dyeing process itself is a fascinating process that considers colour theory and proper blending to create the right colour combination or hue. It’s also quite a creative process as each skein of cotton floss becomes a canvas for the imagination.

Colours are blended together, resulting in unassuming combinations that are hard to put in the standard colour palette. Imagine the seamless merging of two colours, like the fusion of red and yellow, to create a beautiful ombre effect and a stunning orange. Creating hand-dyed embroidery floss is quite an art form that goes beyond the utilitarian purpose of the thread!

How hand-dyed embroidery floss is applied in needlework

Using this type of floss in needlework projects is when it truly shines. When you isolate each strand, you can easily divide and separate it, depending on what your project requires. This allows for flexibility in using either single or multiple strands.

This versatility becomes particularly evident in projects like cross-stitch and needlepoint, where some patterns require a bit of depth and detail. By experimenting with different strands, the colours can vary in intensity. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to create shadows and highlights with your pattern.

When you utilize a laying tool with your project, it creates a completely different dimension.  This tool is helpful when stitching with multiple strands, ensuring a flat, smooth appearance accentuating all the beautiful colours within the hand-dyed embroidery floss.

Cross-stitch, in particular, is when detail is important to any project. This is when the versatility of hand-dyed embroidery floss becomes very handy. You can easily achieve a fine and detailed finish with the option to use 1 or 2 strands. The richness of the colours, carefully hand-dyed, adds a layer of sophistication to even the simplest of patterns.

Our Hand-Dyed Floss Samplers

For those wanting to experiment and dive into the world of hand-dyed floss, our new floss samplers are the perfect opportunity to get you started. Our samplers comprise 6 skeins of 6-strand embroidery floss in various colour combinations.  Each skein measures 5 meters or 5.47 yards in length, for a total of 30 meters or 32.8 yards. The colours as shown in each of the featured product photographs, are a harmonious blend of both warm and cool shades that can be used for virtually any project.

Whether you are a seasoned needlework enthusiast or new to the world of needlework, our selection of Floss Samplers offer endless creative possibilities.  They open the door for you to play with bold colours without having to guess how it would look with the rest of your project. So what are you waiting for? Be bold, get messy and let your creativity run wild with the use of hand-dyed embroidery floss.  Pick up one of our floss samplers in the shop now.

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