Today, my stitch sample video features Colour #18, which takes on a beautiful green colour palette. 

Colour #18 is a gorgeous blend of various greens. I dyed it a number of years ago and is one of my best sellers.  I can’t say I’m surprised as anyone who does any type of needlework uses green.

The green colour palette is diverse and ranges from mid-value to a darker value making it an ideal colour choice for leaves.

Applications of this Green Colour Palette Thread

I’ve used this colour frequently in my crazy quilting, in various counted canvas designs and I have a number of customers who have used it for painted canvases as well.  Last but not least, it makes a great combination for Christmas themed projects.  Try combining it with Colour #187 (reds) and #184 (brighter greens) – GORGEOUS! 

In the video I am stitching on 18-count mono canvas in a size 5 Perle cotton. 

The stitch is a shadow stitch. You will find a diagram for this stitch in Volume 1 on page 175 of the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. 

Just a note that there are five volumes of these books which would be a great addition to your library.  I personally find them very helpful when I want to experiment with a new stitch.

I hope the video gives you an idea of the variations of the greens in this blend.  Are you “green” with envy?

Enjoy stitching.

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