Introducing my new fall collection of colours. Four new colour combinations.

For many years I was fortunate to experience exquisite sunsets.  Personally I feel the fall season offers some of the best.  Some exhibit beautiful combinations of pinks, red violets and purples while others offer reds, yellows and oranges.  I am an early riser so on occasion now I do see sunrises but personally, I find the colours of sunsets far more beautiful. 

So, my inspiration for this collection was sunsets.  While I have a number of photos of sunsets from the past, I felt this represents the colours I wanted to use.  Be prepared my palette is BOLD and INTENSE!  

Colour #66 is a blend of BOLD orange.  I wanted to include an orange as this is lacking in my product line.  It is not always the most popular combination but this will not only be a lovely addition to a sunset palette but would work beautifully with browns, golden yellows and oh, what great pumpkins!  I think a number of you may be stitching Sue Spargo’s Squash Squad.

Colour #67 is a blend of yellows.  This one will add some pizazz to autumn colours.

Colour #68 is my sunset blend – red violet, reds and orange. 

Colour #69 is an intense blend of red violets and purple.  I did have a similar colour in my collection at one point but this one is slightly different and in my opinion, better. 

All four of my fall collection colours would work well in a palette together BUT each could be used individually depending on your project theme.  Colours 68 & 69 with the addition of lighter values of these same colours would be stunning and I hope to share a project in the future.

Throughout this month, I will be sharing various samples using these colours.  I’ll also be sharing some stitch sample videos so stay tuned.

All these colours are featured in three sizes of perle cotton – 5, 8, 12 and 6 strand cotton floss.

Enjoy shopping.

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