Introducing My New Fall Colour Collection

Each year, I must admit my fall colour collection always seems to be the easiest to create. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me as I welcome fall each year enjoying lovely sunny days followed by cooler nights.   As is true with all my colours, I draw inspiration from nature and this year was no exception.

What colours will you find in my fall colour collection?

This year I was inspired by the colours seen as the leaves start turning with the season and in particular ORANGE! 

Interestingly orange is not always the most popular of colours BUT it is one of my favourites. I didn’t used to like it all that much but I find with needlework it can really add a “pop” to a colour scheme. Three of the four new colours in the collection feature orange with the exception of one in which I substituted golden yellow for the orange.

Here are more specifics on the colours in the collection

Colour #74 was inspired by a branch of orange toned maple leaves against a backdrop of a blue sky.  There are several variations of orange in the blend and the blue is a “dusty” blue. I think this blend lends itself to some stunning palettes.

Colour # 75 is a blend of orange, golden yellow and green.  I was thinking about leaves falling onto grass for this one.

Colour #76  came about a bit by accident and is different from the other three colours. I wanted to dye a second combination with blue but I didn’t want to repeat the colours I had used in Colour #74. So, I opted to add golden yellow instead of the orange and two values of blue, one darker.  Naturally when the blues combined with the yellow the resulting green transpired so this one is various blues, golden yellow and green! 

Last in the collection is Colour #77. I always like to create at least one blend that works with at least two of the colours therefore creating a palette. Colour #77 is a blend of golden brown, golden yellow and muted orange.

You will find that this fall colour collection works well in combination with various colour combinations in my product line. Throughout the month I’ll be sharing a variety of stitched samples featuring the new fall collection colours along with other older colours in my collection!  Make sure you follow the blog to see these samples. 

If you would like to check out the new colours, visit the shop for my fall collection

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