Mint green is a fantastic colour choice for your wool appliqué projects. Its freshness, versatility, and ability to harmonize with other shades make it an ideal choice for virtually any project (not just wool applique!). Whether it’s adding depth and texture or exploring nature-inspired themes, the infusion of mint green will elevate any project.

One of the joys of working with mint green in wool appliqué is its versatility in pairing with other colours. Its got a fresh and crisp feel, which complements a variety of shades, allowing you to experiment and create stunning combinations. Why not incorporate soft pinks for a delicate and feminine touch? Or add pops of coral for a playful and energetic vibe? Mint green harmonizes beautifully with earthy tones like browns and creams, creating a harmonious and grounded aesthetic.

In this project, we used cooler colours to create this wool applique. Think tertiary colours like blue and green!

How did Kathleen create this mint green wool applique design?

We started with a 2-inch mint green wool circle bordered with size five perle colour 55.  This has been couched in place with size five perle in Colour #162. 

A smaller, lighter green wool flower was added and bordered with a chain stitch using Colour #162 in size five perle.  Bullion knots accent the petals in size five perle Colour #55.  The center is a spider web using Colours #162 in size five perle.

Have fun with the colour pairings of mint green, and let us know what you create! Thank you Kathleen.

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