Have you ever had a colour in your stash that is so versatile, it can be used for virtually any project?

That is how I feel about Colour #18. With its harmonious blend of greens, Colour #18 offers a captivating range of values that breathe life into your needlework projects. Many of you must agree because this is the most popular colour in my collection!

This versatile colour is adored for its ability to seamlessly complement various embroidery techniques and styles. From delicate cross-stitch motifs to intricate floral patterns, it effortlessly enhances your creations, adding depth and richness to every stitch. Whether you’re a seasoned needlework artist or a beginner exploring the craft, I recommend adding this timeless and versatile colour to your collection.

Because of the green hues, you have the ability and freedom to play around with the backdrop. While the traditional choice of a green backdrop elegantly accentuates the leaf pattern, don’t be afraid to explore alternative options. In this case, we used soft lavender to create some depth and focus on the leaf. Perhaps you may like to choose yellow instead to create a sense of vibrancy. How about lighter greens to bring a fresh and airy feel to your project? Regardless of whatever colour you choose,  the key lies in experimenting with different backgrounds to find the perfect harmony that elevates your needlework.

Here’s how we used this very versatile colour to create our design

As noted, we used Colour #18 to create the main leaf pattern in this project. We also utilized very soft, purples and lavender to complement with a soft background:

The background was stitched using long diagonal stitches in lavender floss tied with a metallic purple oblong cross. The leaf is a herringbone variation using Colour #18 floss. The crosses are stitched with Colour #189 floss.

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