Today we’re featuring how to create this beautiful, bright and floral wool applique. This is perfect to use for spring-inspired projects or even projects for kids!

I love the colour combination of this applique. It’s clear that the main colours are on the warm side of the colour spectrum. Think golden yellows, coral oranges and soft pinks. However, this is perfectly balanced with the mint green “petals.” I also love the creative use of stitching and the subtle embellishment of beads throughout the edge. The result is this beautiful applique that has the perfect balance of pop and muted elements.

Here is how we created this bright floral wool applique

We first trimmed some wool material into 2.5-inch flowers. We used a reverse chain stitch to border the yellow wool flower. The colour we used for this was Colour #30 in size 8 Perle cotton.

An inner mint green wool flower was added and then bordered with beaded coral stitch using size 8 Perle cotton in Colour #60 from our collection. Lastly, the petals have been accented with fly bullion knots in size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #30. The small orange centre (3/4 inch) is bordered with bullion knots using size 8 Perle cotton in Colour #61 and accented with colonial knots, using the same threads from Colour #30.

It may look simple but as you can see, there’s plenty of love and attention that went into this little flower!  

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