Colour choices can transform a project into something unique when it comes to wool appliqué (and any circle sampler you are creating!). In this case, we used lavender to add a sense of softness and elegance to this project. 

One of the best things about the colour lavender is the vast array of shades and tones. Consider blending different shades of lavender to create depth and dimension in your sampler circles. The interplay of light and dark hues will add visual interest.

While lavender can stand alone as a captivating colour, it also pairs beautifully with other hues, both harmonizing and providing a striking contrast. When used alongside complementary colours such as soft greens or gentle blues, lavender can create a visually stunning effect, amplifying the impact of your circle sampler design. In the case of this particular circle sampler, we played with different shades of violet and lilac and paired them with a contrasting pale yellow to give the circle sampler a little pop.

More details on how we created this lavender circle sampler

We started with a 2.5-inch purple wool flower bordered with a chain stitch in size five in a blend of lavender values.

This chain stitch border was filled with French knots using size five perle. Each petal was embellished with rose bullions using size eight perle. A small lavender velvet yo-yo was added to the center accented with drizzle stitches in size eight perle in Colour #61. Detached chain stitches were also added to finish the design.

While some of the colours used in this wool applique circle have been discontinued, try substituting Colour #64 or perhaps try some lavender floche!

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