Earlier this year, I introduced the Embroidery Sampler Thread Kits, a set of six colourfully curated hand-dyed embroidery threads.

Recognizing the common challenge stitchers face in selecting threads and colours, I aimed to simplify the process by offering pre-selected combinations that seamlessly complement each other.

Many of you struggle with selecting threads so these sampler kits provide an opportunity to play with different colour combinations. These kits provide an excellent opportunity for exploration and experimentation with various colour combinations, serving as a versatile foundation palette for creative projects of all sizes. Add more threads and colours to expand the palette for larger projects.

Each kit contains sufficient threads to stitch a small ornament, start on a second ornament, or complete a slightly larger project.

A Closer Look At Thread Kit #1

Today, we would like to highlight Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #1, which showcases Colour #44, our rainbow blend. It is a gorgeous and very popular blend of brilliant blue, fuchsia, light golden brown and hints of green.

You will find a number of blog posts featuring this colour including Florentina, our first gnome and Rainbow Ribbons published several years ago designed by Kam Wenzloff. There is a “search” box on the blog page, just enter colour #44 and a selection of blog posts pop up. As you can see, it’s filled withlots in inspiration! Don’t forget to check out our 12 Months of Mitten Series providing lots of ideas for this sampler kit. \

What threads are included in Embroidery Sampler Thread Kit #1

  • 1 skein of size 5 pearl cotton, colour #44
  • 1 skein of size 5 pearl cotton, colour #72 – bright pink
  • 1 skein of size 8 pearl cotton, blue blend
  • 1 skein of 6 strand cotton floss, colour #44
  • 1 skein of rayon metallic, colour #44
  • 1 skein of silk perle, colour #44

Don’t forget, our Embroidery Sampler Thread Kits make for ideal gifts for your stitching friends. Whether they’re seasoned stitchers or just starting out, these kits offer a unique and thoughtful present that can inspire their creativity and help them explore new colour combinations.

Whether you are stitching a small ornament or mitten or delving into a larger project, this sampler is sure to inspire your creativity.

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