Yum! How about a fruit-inspired applique to waken your taste buds.

While the inspiration behind today’s Circle Sampler Series is taken from a gorgeous flower, I can’t help but be reminded of slicing open a juicy cantaloupe on a hot, summer morning – what a colourful and fun summer palette!

The colours of this palette are bright, yet the pastel-like finish makes it soft and muted. What I love most about this applique are the different stitching techniques that were incorporated throughout the entire flower.  In particular, the stitching in the centre reminds me of the meaty seeds and fibres found in the centre of the cantaloupe. It’s as if you can literally reach out your hands to touch it!

Here’s how we created this fun, fruit-inspired applique

We started with a 2 ½ inch lime wool flower bordered with stem stitch in size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #55.  A second pale yellow wool flower was added bordered with a beaded chain stitch in size 8 colour #61. The center is a collection of colonial knots using size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #191 as well as a mix of drizzle stitches using size 5 Perle Colour #55. Further accents were added using double chain repeating size 5 Perle cotton in both Colour #191 and #55

You may have noticed that a different mix of perle cotton was used for this project. All my colour combinations are offered in three different sizes of Perle cotton. They include sizes 5, 8 and 12. You can find the same variety of sizes in cotton floss, too!

This project uses both size 5 and 8 Perle cotton, but you can use any size you wish. You can even add a thin metallic thread to add a bit of bling. Or, what about some beads? Remember, options for embellishing are up to you, so enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Thank you Kathleen for another beauty!

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