If you have been following our Circle Sampler Series then you will know that Kathleen loves BULLION knots! Our wool applique flower today really demonstrates excellent use of this stitching technique and how it can embellish any project.

While the inspiration for this project was drawn from Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler introduced in March of 2021, Kathleen created a different original circle sampler selecting her own stitches and ideas.

If you are not familiar with bullion knots, Needle `n Thread offers wonderful video tutorials. You can find the one for bullion knots HERE.

How we used bullion knots in this project

We started with a 2.5-inch aqua wool flower bordered with backstitch in size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #50. 

Each petal has a tiny lighter aqua wool circle tacked in place with a central colonial knot and additional straight stitches, all in size 5 in Colour #50. A second lighter aqua wool circle was added held in place with fly star stitches using size 5 in Colour #61. This central circle is bordered with bullion loops using three colours in size 8 Perle cotton – there were three different colours used here –  #29, #61 and #191.

This project definitely has more detail than previous ones, but as you can see, the payoff was well worth the effort!

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