Today, I’m featuring one of our circles in our ongoing circle sampler.  This one utilizes unique stitching techniques and beautiful beading patterns – meet the lavender circle!

If you have been following my blog, you may have come across our circle sampler project.  We love drawing inspiration from other projects and in this case, this particular project was inspired by Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler. While Sue’s series was created using muted colours, the wool applique circle featured today utilizes colourful, soft pastel shades – very different from our inspiration, but just as beautiful!

Unlike other circles that usually take on a floral-like pattern, my friend Kathleen decided to create something that was more modern and contemporary. Aside from the beautiful stitching, this particular circle also makes beautiful use of wooden beads!

Here’s how Kathleen created this beautiful lavender wool circle

The lavender wool circle measures 2 inches in diameter.   Kathleen decided to use a shade of lavender that had a cooler tone. The threads and beading that were used were warmer in shade, so using a cooler coloured background was a great way to create some subtle contrast.

The wool circle was then bordered with a stem stitch using Colour #51 in size 5 Perle cotton. I love how she used this technique rather than a backstitch as it makes the soft lavender of the thread pop a bit more.

The “petals” were created using a detached blanket stitch in the same thread colour and size. Another 1-inch pink circle was stitched in place to form the centre. To finish the project off, Kathleen added some beautiful pink beads between each petal and also on the centre of the applique to draw the eyes in.

I love Kathleen’s ingenuity in using different materials to create this beautiful lavender circle.  Thanks so much Kathleen! 

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