This colourful, Easter themed wool applique has me dreaming of the colourful days of Spring! Wouldn’t you agree?

This whimsical pattern is perfect for any Spring inspired project. The pattern itself is quite abstract, but one of the benefits of this is its versatility. You can use this pattern to create whimsical flowers or simply leave it as is as an accent or embellishment.

I love the use of colour in this pattern as well. The soft hues are a perfect nod to Easter and even the first days of spring. The mix of muted blues and canary yellows is blended together beautifully with more neutral shades like green and purple. Many of the colours remind me of those delicious mini eggs that you’d often get at Easter! Perhaps, this is why it reminds me so much of that particular day.

Here’s how we created this Easter-themed wool applique

This project starts with mint-green 2-inch wool. This wool piece is bordered using tete de boeuf stitches using size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #50 from our collection. While this colour combination is discontinued, any pastel themed colour would work. Many folks may be surprised by the fact that the border stitching was created using ONE colour from the lot!

The 1.5-inch blue circle in the middle creates a subtle focal point to draw the eyes in. This is further accented with single Palestrina knots in Colour #61 (size 5). This was the perfect colour to use on such a cool background as it gives the centre a little bit more “pop”!

There you have it! A beautiful, Easter/Spring-inspired applique to use for any project. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for another. 

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