I hope you are enjoying our Twelve Months of Mitten series. I recently had a variety of mittens finished, and today we are featuring one of these finished mittens. Finishing makes all the difference – thank you, Marsye!

When I started the series last year, many mittens featured only one stitch making them easy for a beginner. Blues and greens are very popular colours, so this will be an appealing colour combination for many of you. These colours can create various designs, from landscapes to abstract patterns and everything in between. Whether you prefer the calming and soothing effect of blue or the fresh and vibrant look of green, there are endless possibilities for incorporating these colours into your needlepoint projects.

Blue and green are very complementary. You’ll often see them in nature-based projects – think blue skies and green grass! Combined, they can create a project that is harmonious and balanced..

These are also versatile colours that can be used to create a variety of moods and styles, from serene and peaceful to bold and dramatic. Don’t be afraid to play around!

So if you’re looking for some needlepoint inspiration, consider incorporating blue and green into your next project. Whether creating a landscape, a floral design, or an abstract pattern, these colours will surely add depth, dimension, and beauty to your stitching.

Remember, you don’t need to stitch a mitten. You might like to use these colours in your Layers of Leaves project.

What Colours Did We Use In Our Mitten

The cuff is stitched with Colour #65 in a diagonal brick stitch, a gorgeous blend of rich teal blue/greens. The body of the mitten is a bargello pattern featured on page 97 of Volume 1 of the Stitches books, pattern “B.” I alternated Colours #14 and #162.  And remember, have fun with colour!

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