I know many of you are wool applique enthusiasts and likely are familiar with Sue Spargo’s Circle Sampler. 

Last year Sue posted a Toned Down Circle Sampler project that began at the end of March lasting for 90 days. Each day a photo of a stitch, stitch diagram and threads used were posted.

I’ve also seen the project referred to as the 90/90 circle sampler. The project was described as “a monochromatic study with a modern pop to explore the application of embroidery to achieve textural depth and dimension”. 

At that time, I started to see various posts on Instagram and on Facebook popping up showcasing the different samples participants had stitched. Fast forward to last fall and I contacted my friend Kathleen who is an amazing stitcher AND wool applique specialist. I’ve shared Kathleen’s projects on the blog in the past, so if you have followed me for some time you know just how wonderful her stitching truly is!

Anyway, following our discussion Kathleen agreed to create a sampler using her own combination of stitches. Over the next year – yes YEAR, I will be sharing the sampler just in case you may like to stitch one yourself. 

Here’s more information about the details around the circle sampler:

  • The sampler measures 14 ½ inches wide by 18 inches long – a fat quarter works!
  • The circle sampler features hand-dyed wool for the background which is a light blue and a variety of colours for the circle designs themselves.
  • Features Colour Complements perle cottons
  • There are a total of 30 circles

Colour breakdown of today’s circle

Today is the first circle. The flower is turquoise wool (2 1/2 inch diameter) bordered with a Quaker stitch in a size 5 Perle cotton, Colour #162. The petals are accented with double cast-on stitches in a size 8 Perle cotton, Colour #29 with a bead. The centre of the flower features a yellow wool 1 1/4 inch circle bordered with bullions using size 8 Perle cotton Colour #50. The fly stitch finishes the center of the flower in size 5 Perle cotton Colour #51.  And the final touch, a bead in the center giving it a beautiful polished and put-together finish!

With Spring in full swing, a wool applique circle sampler is the perfect way to welcome the season. The pastel blue shades and bold golden hues in this particular pattern creates a beautiful colour combination, providing a balanced contrast between warm and cool tones. 

I will be sharing stitches and colours used in each of the blog posts so stay tuned for more! In the meantime, if you would like to try your hand at recreating a circle sampler similar to the one that we featured in this blog post, feel free to shop online at my store. Thank you Kathleen.

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