Many of the circles we have been featuring in our circle sampler series take on a modern and contemporary design.  In this post, I’ll be featuring a project with a more distinct pattern and is full of texture. This is the textured floral circle.   

I’ve been having so much fun reviewing and highlighting these beautiful wool applique circles that my friend Kathleen has graciously created for the blog.  The circle sampler was inspired by Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler.  All of Kathleen’s circles for this project are her “original” designs.  We hope you may be inspired to create your own circle sampler.

How we created this textured floral circle

As previously mentioned, this particular circle takes on a more literal design of a flower than some of the others I have featured in the past. Kathleen used a variety of different stitching techniques and colour combinations to create an almost 3D effect.

Kathleen started with a 2-inch turquoise wool circle, bordered with a Palestrina stitch using size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #162.

The flower was created with a 1.5-inch die cut wool flower and was bordered using a stem stitch in Colour #51 in size 8 Perle cotton – any lavender thread will work. This was further embellished with picot stitches in the same thread colour and size. Kathleen created a beautiful golden centre by stitching a collection of colonial knots in our Colour #191 in size 5 Perle cotton.

To further create more texture, Kathleen incorporated some seed stitches to accent the beautiful turquoise background in Colour #162 in size 8 Perle cotton.

Lots of different stitching techniques were used here, but as you can see, it was all worth it! Thank you, Kathleen!

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