If you remember, I mentioned last month that I had a mitten published in the November/December 2022 issue of Needlepoint Now. You can find the custom mitten thread kit in the shop HERE.  

After I completed designing the other two, I started experimenting with different designs using the same colours in the kit. Last month, I featured a mitten using some of the kit colours and added a tropical blend. This month I used all the colours included in the kit. 

I always like to offer custom thread kits providing more than sufficient volume for a project. I almost never stitch a project myself where I don’t end up ripping part of my stitching out!

Creating This Pattern With Our Custom Mitten Thread Kit

While the custom mitten thread kit has all you need to create a beautiful design, there is no actual pattern offered for this mitten. You have full creative freedom over what you want to create!

I started with randomly placing small circular Rhodes stitches using Colour 183 (purples). Once I liked the placement, I added small Jessica’s in Colour 120 and stitched a tiny Smyrna stitch in the center with a green metallic. You might like to use a turquoise metallic – whatever you have in your stash!

I then added Smyrna stitches placed between in Colour 33. If you can I would suggest fussy cutting your thread so the darker blue shows up more – I didn’t do this in my sample and as you can see some of my smyrna’s get a bit lost in the background. The body of the mitten was filled in with basketweave using Colour 73. The cuff is a diagonal Milanese using Colour 120  

You can find all these stitches in the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky.

Do you like it? It’s colourful! Remember, the thread kit is available in the SHOP.

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