Experimenting with different colours is a great way to create unique and fun patterns in any needlepoint project. This month’s mitten features a completely different colour palette and one you might not normally consider.  I am always saying, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours; you may surprise yourself.

All four mittens this year are individual designs that result from experimenting with stitches and colours.  Each of the mittens are offered as a kit including the PDF pattern and custom thread kit.  The only additional item you will need is 18 count mono canvas.

I named this mitten Mystical.  The Jessica’s reminded me of three eyes so I thought of the third eye.  The third eye is a mystical invisible eye.

When I started designing Mystical, I specifically wanted to include some diamond Jessica’s which feature prominently in the top band.  I then progressed to stitch various bands, naturally each band features both different stitches and colours.    

Experimenting With Different Colours For Our Mitten 

I always find experimenting with different colours fun. I chose a colourful palette including five different colour combinations. Colour #66 is a gorgeous bold orange. I find this blend works well in all sorts of palettes. Colour #68 is a combination of of orange and red violet. Colour #74 is another beauty blending blues and variations of orange for a complementary palette. Colour #80 is an unusual blend of lime green/yellow and orange. Finally, colour #175 is a lovely blend of blues.

As always, if you are not keen on mittens, why not use this palette and perhaps modify the pattern for another project.  I encourage you to think outside of the box and see what you come up with. Remember, the kit includes the threads used in the design and a PDF pattern!

I introduced “Circus” last month, another counted canvas mitten. Click on the link below and you will find both mittens!

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