Many of you likely enjoy stitching geometric sampler style square patterns, but we thought it would be fun to show this style featured in one of our mittens showcasing Colour #188. Colour #188 is a fall blend introduced many years ago and remains extremely popular today.

Let’s Talk More About This Geometric Mitten Pattern

The cuff is stitched with Colour #188 in rows of slanted gobelin. Next is a row of herringbone stitches using Colour #37 and accented with crosses using Colour #33. The thumb of the mitten is Jerusalem cross stitch alternating with Colours #37 and #18. The left of the body of the mitten is Colours #188 and #37 in a byzantine. The right side of the body is a pairing block pattern alternating with Colours #18 and #37.

We hope that with our twelve months of mittens series, we provide you with ideas using stitches and colours to inspire your projects.

While we feature mittens in the series, remember you can use the same pattern but stitch a square for an ornament. Ideas are endless. There are no published patterns available for the mittens, but we do provide the stitches used. If you wish to stitch a mitten, a template is available in the November/December issue of Needlepoint Now, along with my published mitten.

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