Today’s palette has a little bit of sunset colour inspiration infused into it! This month’s focus colour is Colour #165.

Just as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Colour #165 draws inspiration from the colours you would see in a sunset. It has a blend of red, yellow, dark blue and rust. Earlier this month, I posted a needlepoint sample featuring Colours #66 (orange), #165 and #78 (pink).

It was quite a different palette so today I’d like to create a new palette drawing on colours featured in Colour #165.

The Sunset Colour Inspiration Behind Colour #165

When choosing any colour palette, I generally start with placing my selected skein on a sheet of white paper in front of my computer. I do this as the majority of my shopping is online. If you are fortunate enough to have a local needlework shop then take advantage of this and take your skein with you to shop!

For this palette I chose a bold orange, yellow and red. This would form the main colours for my palette. I then start selecting a variety of values in solids in these colours. I’ve built up a collection of DMC solids in size 5 perle cottons through the years so this is where I start.

Select a light, medium and dark value in orange, yellow and red. You might like to add rust since rust is featured in Colour #165. This will be a matter of preference AND what colours you will want to dominate the project. Add metallics, silks, flat threads etc in various values and you have a palette.

What Colours Did I Choose

The colour palette above is a bold and colourful palette. Start with colour 165 then add colour 66 (orange), colour 67 (yellow) and colour 187 (reds). I did say it was BOLD!

As always, these are my ideas but remember, it is YOUR choice what colours you use!

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