Today, we’re continuing on with our 12 Months Of Mittens Series with this Fall-Themed mitten pattern. Unlike “traditional” Fall colours that consist of deep oranges and forest greens, this one is a bit brighter.  This is one of several mittens I stitched earlier this year so I could have it finished for photography purposes.

My intent is to give you an idea of how the completed mitten appears – they are SO cute! Can you envision it on the Christmas tree? Or perhaps a garland in a children’s room?

If you have been following the series then you will know this is our tenth mitten. Of course, we had to include some shades of orange as Halloween is coming soon.

How Did I Stitch This Fall-Themed Mitten?

I used an 18-count white mono canvas for this mitten but naturally, you may use what you wish. The mitten is SMALL measuring about 2 ½ x 3 inches, though you have the option to make this pattern bigger if you choose. All the mittens I’ll be featuring are stitched with Colour Complements threads.

The mitten was stitched with size 5 Perle cotton using Colour #75 for the body. I stitched this with a souffle stitch which can be found in Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky’s Stitches books. The cuff is a diagonal brick stitch using Colour #55 in a size 5 Perle cotton.

While I used particular colours to complete this Fall-themed mitten pattern, you are free to play around with different palettes to create something unique to you.

Join us for another mitten pattern next month.

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