Today, we’re showcasing a unique fall colour, Colour #84. This is the feature colour in our monthly Colour Feature Series. You will want to check back as various samples and colour palettes will focus on our feature colour throughout the month.

Colour #84 was introduced in our Fall 2022 collection and is a blend of golden yellow, berry red and fuchsia. As mentioned previously, this is quite a unique fall palette. It moves away from the traditional palette of deep reds and browns. Despite this, the palette was inspired by fallen maple leaves. The mood of your project will be determined by what colours you choose to add to your palette. Overall, I can envision a vibrant and exciting mood with this colour combination for any project.

What Colours Work With This Unique Fall Colour

I will feature several colour palettes throughout the month, but perhaps you might like to start with Colour #83, also part of the 2022 fall collection. It is a combination of fuchsia, berry red and blue. You can see stitched samples showcased throughout last September (2022) so check on the blog to view these.

Fuchsia/pinks would work well, or perhaps muted reds and yellows. Vary your values for each, and how about some silk for a bit of texture. Flat ribbons such as Neon Rays or Sparkle Rays for a hint of whimsy!

How about adding various pinks, some muted reds and yellow? Remember to vary the values.

I encourage you to experiment with colour and, most importantly, have fun. Why not give Colour 84 a try!

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