Do you know how to use brown in your needlepoint project? Brown is often seen as a drab, earth colour, but surprisingly it can be a gorgeous colour to add to your needlework projects. Not to mention, it’s quite versatile. At one point in time, you’ll likely need to pull out your stash of browns to complete a project!

Brown is associated with resilience, dependability, security and safety. It is a relaxing colour giving feelings of warmth and contentment.

It is often symbolic of winter, a dormant time after the splendor of autumn colours. We often associate this colour with fallen leaves and Thanksgiving. What about your golden brown turkey?! It’s definitely a colour that works for every season.

Using Brown In Your Next Needlework Project

Our colour feature this month highlights three fall colours showcasing brown or golden brown.

Colour #35 is a lovely blend of green and variations of brown. Colour #48 is a blend of burgundy, green and golden brown. Colour #57 is a rich blend of various darker values of browns.

Throughout the month we will be sharing various stitched samples featuring the above colours. Not all our samples will have a fall theme but some. Hopefully they will inspire a colour palette for an upcoming needlework project.

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