pink mitten

I know it isn’t turquoise which is our feature colours this month, it is a PINK mitten! In May we featured a colourful mitten pattern showcasing the Byzantine stitch.  This particular stitch is very versatile so today we are featuring a second mitten highlighting a variation of the same stitch.  I specifically chose this pink mitten because it is finished. I wanted to showcase a finished mitten so you can see how they appear in preparation for your garland or gift!

Remember, you will find all the mittens under Twelve Months of Mittens in categories so make sure you check them out.  It is a colourful series!

Today’s mitten is a mostly pink mitten!  It is BOLD!  I stitched this particular one for my granddaughter – she is a pink girl!!

We used 18-count white mono canvas for our mittens but naturally, you may use what you wish. Our mittens measure about 2 ½ x 3 inches (approximately) – they are SMALL! You may like to stitch them a bit larger – we will leave this up to you. All the mittens I’ll be featuring are stitched with Colour Complements threads.

Our byzantine mitten was stitched with size 5 Perle cotton alternating with Colour 78 and Colour 79, both new colours from our spring 2022 collection.  The cuff is a diagonal brick stitch using Colour 30 which is a blend of orange, pink and yellow. 

The template for the mittens can be downloaded below.  Hope you are enjoying this very colourful series!

Just a quick note that I will be taking my annual blog break commencing today until mid August. During this time I will be posting once weekly. I’ll return to regular posting mid August. The shop remains open and I can be contacted via email should you have any questions.

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