This month, we used Colour #76 to create this whimsical mitten while incorporating unusual stitch combinations for our 12 Months of Mittens Series.

If you are new to this blog (welcome!), we’ve highlighted similar mitten patterns throughout the calendar year. This special series is our 12 Months of Mittens. No published patterns are available, but I have included information regarding the colours and stitches used. A mitten template is available in the November/December issue of Needlepoint Now, along with my published mitten. Make sure that you check it out for your next project!

What unusual stitch combinations did we use for this pattern?

The cuff is stitched with Colour# 76 using a triple ridge stitch. The cushion stitch is shown using Colour #162. Colour #77 was used for the upright cross stitches accented with black beads. The bottom of the body of the mitten is stitched using a diagonal cross stitch alternating Colours #162 and Colour #76.

We Used Size 5 Perle Cotton In These Colours

These are all unique combinations to use together, but as you can see, the results can surprise you! It’s a fun bohemian-inspired pattern. I encourage you to try other unusual stitch combinations for your next project.

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