Who says you need to be an expert needle worker to create a stunning design? Today’s heart demonstrates the use of very simple stitches. 

I have talked about using bands in designs previously and this is another great example. While there is no specific pattern used, this is an adaptation of a design featured in the January/February 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now.

What Simple Stitches Were Used To Create This Design

The central band is much wider than the original design stitched with a diamond pattern created by alternating Rhodes stitches with cross stitches and beads bordered with metallic braid. The purple borders are diagonal Gobelin bands with a metallic ribbon couched in place with cross stitches. Scotch stitch and byzantine are used for the outer borders.

All these stitches are very suitable for a beginner.  The Colour Complements colours used are:

  • Colour #54 – since discontinued but you could substitute Colour #71
  • Colour #183
  • Colour #55
  • Colour #46

A great example of combining simple stitches and of course, COLOUR!

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