Our pink floral wool applique circle is an excellent example of what happens when you stay with one particular colour and use different stitching techniques. If you have been following my blog for some time, you will have seen various samples of wool applique circles in our circle sampler series.  Many of these utilize a variety of different colours…but what about experimenting with monochromatic shades?

This bubble gum pink wool applique is full of texture, depth and details, proving that you don’t necessarily need the entire rainbow to create something beautiful. Keep in mind that different shades of pink were used to enhance the additional stitching and details.

If you have been following this project, we’re creating and stitching our own circle sampler, with some inspiration drawn from Sue Spargo’s Toned Down Circle Sampler that was introduced last March. It was a fun stitch along at that time and I believe is now available as a pattern. 

My friend Kathleen was inspired to create a different version of the project selecting her own stitches and ideas. The flower applique featured today reminds me of Spring.

Here’s a closer look at how this Pink Floral Wool Applique was Stitched

This floral wool applique was created by dye cutting a pink flower-shaped hand-dyed wool, measuring 2.5 inches in diameter. You’d be surprised to discover that only ONE thread colour from my collection was used – Colour #41.  You could substitute Colour #72.

It gave more opportunity to play around with different stitching techniques and embellishments.  Kathleen made sure to provide this applique with a bit of “pop” by bordering the edges with Palestrina knot stitch in size 5 Perle cotton.

More texture was added by stitching spider web spokes in the same colour using size 8 Perle cotton. The same wool colour was used for the centre of the applique which was stuffed following woven chain stitches for edging in size 5 Perle cotton to create a raised effect around the border. If you look closely, a blanket stitch was also used in between the woven chain stitching –this added more dimension to the overall circle.

Lastly, beading was added around the centre to create even more POP to the overall finish. While most avid stitchers will have an array of different colours in their collection, it’s common to have too much of one shade. Hopefully, this pink floral wool applique encourages you to take stock and make use of those excess threads!

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