WOOL APPLIQUE, Bloomin Beauties

More of Kathleen’s WOOL APPLIQUE version of Bloomin Beauties today.  This is Block #20!  If you have been following this project you will already know this is the Bloomin Beauties pattern by Kim Schaefer available in Kim’s Flower Festival book.  Kathleen has used a heavy black flannel for her background and a variety of Colour Complements threads.

This definitely reminds me of sunflowers!  Who couldn’t use a bit of sun for those of you continuing to experience winter.  On this occasion Kathleen has opted to use a pattern wool base for her leaves. She has bordered them with a layer of buttonhole stitch then a further border of stem stitch in contrasting green perle cottons. The vein is stem stitch further embellished with beads.

The flower is bordered with small circles of wool which are bordered with stem stitch and embellished with bullions, all in perle cotton. The center of the flower is bordered with a purchased gimp with the addition of purple beads.
As always, just a delight to see what Kathleen comes up with, so imaginative.

Thank you Kathleen.

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