This lime-green wool applique may look like it’s fit for expert stitchers, but in truth, stitchers of any level can create a beautiful design like this.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of this lime green wool applique, I wanted to highlight the versatility of wool applique. This style of stitching, regardless of how intricate the detail, is tactile, easy and very.

The main reason is because of the material itself. Wool is often felted, which means it doesn’t fray, even when cutting them down to these types of designs. Beginner stitchers can easily create a wide range of applique designs as it doesn’t require them to turn the edges of the applique pieces to create a clean edge. Sourcing this material is relatively easy too. Applique designs can be created with scraps of wool you may already have from previous projects. You can layer on different colours and textures of wool to create something completely unique!

Anyway – back to this beautiful lime-green wool applique…

How This Lime Green Wool Applique Was Created

This lime-green wool applique was created using two different colours of wool – the wool that you see on the outer edge is a 1.75 inch (in diameter) green wool circle. A simple fly stitch was used to fasten and create a border around the edge. Colour 50 in size 8 Perle cotton was used as it was a cooler shade that complemented the brightness of the green.

To really enhance the floral design of the applique, colonial knots were added using similar colours but two different sized threads – the outer was stitched in Colour #51 with size 5 Perle cotton, while the inner colonial knots were stitched using  Colour #50 in size 8 Perle cotton. It’s such a small detail but you can see how it adds more depth to the overall design.

The inner details of the applique were created using small purple felted wool (1.5 inches in diameter) bordered with Colour #51 using size 8 Perle cotton. This was nearly a perfect match as the stitching really blends well with the wool!

The centre of the floral applique was created using a small washer (Kathleen got creative with the design, as you can tell!). It was woven with Colour #55, a bright green. To complement the bold green colour, some Bullions were incorporated as an accent. This was created using size 5 Perle cotton in Colour #54. This colour has since been discontinued, but you could easily substitute with Colour #50.

There were a lot of different textiles and materials used for this lime-green wool applique, but it’s a great example of how creative you can get with designs like this one. Have fun and don’t be afraid to play around!

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