It will come as no surprise at all that I LOVE playing with colours!

Recently I was creating a palette that I thought would work for one of my stitch group members. Susan is currently designing a project for publication next year.  She and I were “playing with colours” to see what might work and what might not!  It was a bit challenging as like many of you we are social distancing.  In our situation we live about 45 minutes from one another.

Anyway, let’s get back to colours.

I put together the palette above – it is very colourful and BOLD!  Naturally, if you were to use these colours, you would need to combine various solid fibers and draw from the colours within each of the threads.  BUT, what a beauty this would be.  All are shown in size 5 perle cotton but remember, each colour is available in Sizes 5, 8 and 12 perle cotton and 6 strand cotton floss. 

Here are the colours shown above

  • #18 – greens
  • #37 – yellows/orange
  • #39 – coral
  • #44 – rainbow blend
  • #46 – turquoise and lime
  • #188 – fall colours

In the end Susan chose some of these colours but many others.  I can hardly wait to see what she designs. 

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Perhaps I’ve inspired you to spend some time playing with colours.  All of these colours are available in the shop by clicking the link below.

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