This month, I chose a fun pastel colour palette as our feature colour. This turns out to be Colour #23! This colour combination always reminds me of easter eggs, which is so fitting given we will be celebrating Easter.

Colour #23 was introduced many years ago when I first opened my shop, and despite the length of time, it remains just as popular today. It is a blend of yellow, blue, and coral pink with hints of green.

Earlier this year, I talked a bit about colour theory for needlework and how colour choices set the mood.

What goes well with this pastel colour palette?

I’ve talked about value previously. Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. To create a palette for this colour, start with selecting light, medium and dark values of coral, blue, yellow and green. You may not necessarily use ALL the colours you select but they provide a starting point.

The ”mood” of your palette will depend on the value of the colours you use when stitching. Since this colour combination is more of a pastel blend, a softer, more subtle mood would be created by choosing lighter values. Darker values will provide a more dramatic colour scheme. Perhaps select colours opposite one another on the colour wheel to create a complementary palette.

Join us this month as we share various samples and palettes featuring Colour #23. Some will be more dramatic, while others will be more subtle.

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