While Spring has yet to arrive here on the west coast, I’m hoping the spring colour threads in our newest collection for 2022 will inspire you!

If you are a long time customer, then some of the colours may look familiar. While there are four colours in the collection, two of them I have previously stocked in the past. The remaining two are new. If you have been waiting for some of these colours to come back in stock, then you’re in luck!

Here’s A Closer Look at our Spring Colour Threads

I felt it would be worthwhile to take a closer look at each spring colour thread. All of them need their time in the spotlight, after all!

Colour #23 – I am re-introducing my Easter blend as it reminds me of a basket of dyed Easter eggs. It is a beautiful blend of pink, blue and yellow — a fitting colour palette for Spring projects!

Colour #162 – This soft blend of blues and greens was a colour combination that I’ve offered in the past. For all you stitching enthusiasts, I’m so glad to have brought it back with this collection.

Colour #78 – NEW and a bold blend of various values of pink. I used to have a blend of pinks but this one is darker and works beautifully when combined with Colour #79.

Colour #79 – Another new colour combination.  Compared to the other colours in this collection, Colour #79 is a bit more subdued and muted with a neutral blend of blue, pale orange and pinks.

All will work well in both Spring or Summer-themed painted canvases but I could envision using some in a fall palette as well, depending on the design! Stay tuned for some samples featuring some of the new colours.

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