This month we are showcasing the different nature-inspired colours found in Colour #165. This colour was introduced as one of our fall collection colours in 2022.

Last month we talked about how colour choices can set the mood for your needlework. While I dyed this with fallen maple leaves as my inspiration, I feel you have endless choices to create colour schemes using this as your focus colour. Let’s talk more about creating a palette and choosing your colour scheme.

Creating a palette with the nature-inspired colours of Colour 165

Colour #165 is a blend of red, yellow, dark blue and rust. Since you have four colours to choose from, I would select your favourite accent colour and proceed from there. For example, I think I would start by choosing various hues of rust (light to dark) in solid colours. Don’t forget texture – perhaps some silks, metallics, rayons for sheen, Perle cotton, velvet etc. Add some pops of yellow, reds, and blues; you have a palette. When I work on a project, I like to have a second small canvas set up. I use this as my experimental canvas where I try out a stitch in various threads options. You’d be surprised how well this works, so you may like to give this a try.

As always, colour is a very personal choice. These are some of my ideas but don’t be afraid to try your own. Watch the blog for various samples featuring Colour #165 this month AND a palette later in the month too.

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