This month we are featuring Colour #137 in our collection.  Today we have combined this colour with others to create a very colourful needlework palette hopefully inspiring a new project. 

As always, I like to encourage different colour combinations and today is no exception.  Our palette is very BOLD.   

I often find my palettes come from colours my customers select in their orders.  When an order is placed, I always lay out the threads for packaging and in doing so, I find I often come up with a palette I might not have thought of.  Our palette today developed from one of my customer orders.

How Did We Create This Colourful Needlework Palette

I have shown size 5 perle cottons in the following colours

Colour 137 is a blend of bright green, fuchsia and blue with hints of purples.  To create the palette, we focused on the fuchsia in this combination and added colour #69 (purples and fuchsia) and colour #78 (bold pink).  We added colour #46 which adds some lime green and replicates a similar blue as shown in colour #137.  Naturally solids and textures in various values will be added and voila, a new palette! 

We have also used Colour #137 in our Carnival heart featured in Needlepoint Now.  The palette is another example of a very colourful needlework palette. 

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