Today we’re featuring two colourful mittens as part of our Twelve Months Of Mittens series.  In January we introduced the first mitten in this series. You will find all our mitten blog posts here in categories. 

If you recall in last month’s blog post, Susan came up with the idea of stitching mittens for gift giving last Christmas.  Once I saw them, I knew I had to stitch some too!  My first four are currently with the finisher so I’ll share them “finished” once they are complete.

Well, she was inspired and ended up stitching 12 of them for family members, some of which I will be sharing throughout the year. Not only was she inspired but she inspired the group to start stitching some including ME!

What will you need for these colourful mittens

We used 18-count white mono canvas for our mittens but naturally, you may use what you wish. Our mittens measure about 2 ½ x 3 inches (approximately) – they are SMALL! You may like to stitch them a bit larger – we will leave this up to you. All the mittens I’ll be featuring are stitched with Colour Complements threads.

Today, we are featuring two mittens, both featuring bargello patterns for the mitt and diagonal double brick for the cuffs.

What colours did we use  

The top mitten features Colours #32, #46 and #191.  The lower mitten features Colours #51, 64 and 61. Size 5 perle cotton was used to stitch both.

I should mention that Susan is one talented lady!  She designed the hearts featured in Needlepoint Now last year which proved to be very popular.  Thread kits remain available if you wish to purchase them HERE.  Susan also writes short children’s stories.  Can you tell where I’m going with this?  YES, she has written a short story that I’ll be sharing later in the year about our mittens.  I can see this could become a Christmas Tradition.  So, what are you waiting for?!

It helps if you back stitch the outline onto the canvas with a running stitch using sewing thread which you can remove as you stitch. You may also find it helpful to back stitch the entire outline with the same thread used in the design. I’ll leave these choices to you. **Please note that you will likely alter the shape somewhat as you stitch with your compensating stitches.

If you are joining along stitching some mittens, please share photos.  I’d love to see them.  I think all twelve would look fantastic in a garland – what do you think?

Stay tuned for our third mitten next month.

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