mosaic hexagon pattern

Our mitten this month features the use of these fun, mosaic hexagon patterns. Several years ago, Susan stitched a needlepoint sample with this same pattern featured on Janet Perry’s Nuts About Needlepoint blog. Janet replicated the pattern based on Hexi-puffs using a mosaic stitch hence mosaic hexagons!

Since it is September here on the West Coast we thought it fitting to display a mitten stitched in autumn colours! You can find all the previously posted mittens under Twelve Months of Mittens in categories so make sure you check them out. It is a colourful selection!

How To Create This Mosaic Hexagon Pattern

We used 18-count white mono canvas for our mittens but naturally, you may use what you wish. Our mittens measure about 2 ½ x 3 inches (approximately), which means that the entire pattern itself is quite small! However, this is only a guideline and you may stitch them a bit larger if you wish. All the mittens I’ll be featuring are stitched with Colour Complements threads.

You can find the mosaic hexagon pattern in Janet’s blog posts – I’ve provided the link above. The cuff is a diagonal brick stitch using Colour #74.

Susan used a variety of colours including

Are you enjoying the series? What kind of patterns would you like to see next?

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