It is always fun to experiment with colour. This month, our feature Colour is Colour #186. We combined this with three others to create a beautiful, cool colour combination.

This is just one of the featured designs as part of our 12 Months of Mittens series. This year, I expanded the series to highlight how different patterns and colours can come together to create twelve unique mittens.

No published patterns are available, but I have included information regarding the colours and stitches used. A mitten template is available in the November/December issue of Needlepoint Now, along with my published mitten.

The cool colour combinations used to create this mitten

The cuff is a mosaic stitch using Colour #73. There are two rows of slanted gobelin using Colour #186.

The next row across is tied oblong crosses with slanted gobelin using Colours #82 and #183. This is repeated in a vertical row. The center section is rice stitch using colour 73. The lower right is eyelet stitches alternating with Colour #183 and Colour #64. Beads were used as an accent. On the thumb of the mitten we used ray stitch Colour #183 and Colour #64

If you were to recreate a mitten like the one highlighted in this blog, I would recommend using size 5 Perle cotton threads:

The cool colour combinations used in today’s mitten remind us that winter is not too far away! I hope you were able to take some inspiration from what we’ve created and use it to create your own unique patterns.

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