This month our Halloween-themed mitten was created using spooky shades of purple! While traditional Halloween colours are usually black and orange, purple still falls under the Halloween category as it reminds us of the eerie colour of dusk, right before the ghouls and goblins come out! Our mitten shows the versatility of purple, emphasizing a pattern by using just one stitch and different values.

I’ve talked about VALUE, discussing how I feel it is essential when selecting a palette for needlework. Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. Light values are called tints, while dark values are called shades.

How this Halloween-themed mitten was stitched

While there is no pattern for the mitten, I used just one stitch for the mitten body, which I found on Whimsical Stitches called the cushion variation. I also opted for texture using size 5 perle cotton in Colour #183 (purples) and 6-strand floss (4 strands) in Colour #51 (lavenders). Since this colour is discontinued, substitute with any lavender. The variation in value enhances the design. The cuff is stitched in Colour #183 using a diagonal brick stitch.

Perhaps you might like to try stitching this mitten with a black and orange colour scheme OR what about orange and black metallic!

Hopefully, we have demonstrated creating contrast in your stitching by choosing different values of the purple colour family!  Why not celebrate Halloween with stitching a mitten yourself!

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